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Powering Technology.

Northern Minerals Limited (ASX: NTU) is focussed on the development of heavy rare earths projects, in particular the element dysprosium. Through the development of its flagship project, Browns Range, Northern Minerals aims to be the next significant dysprosium producer outside of China.


One of the key ingredients to success is people. At Northern Minerals we have passionate, highly motivated, intelligent people with strong corporate and resources sector experience to take Browns Range to production.

George Bauk

Managing Director / CEO

George Bauk

Rare Earths

What are rare earths?

Rare earths play an important and growing role in our modern society despite being a relatively unknown group of elements. Hybrid vehicles, energy efficient lighting and wind turbines are among the the applications in which rare earths are critical.

Rare earths belong to the lanthanide series of elements with most only discovered in the last 120 years. Rare earths are more common than gold in the earth’s crust. The “rare” title comes from the limited economic abundance and from the complexity of extraction and processing.

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Browns Range

Browns Range is positioned to become a significant new source of high value dysprosium.

Future Prospects

Exploration Philosophy

The Company’s main exploration objective is to identify additional high-grade (>0.5% TREO), near-surface (open-pittable) heavy rare earth (HRE) Mineral Resources with xenotime as the dominant rare earth mineral. The primary focus is the immediate Browns Range (WA) area, where the Company is currently in a mine development stage. The Browns Range Dome (NT), Boulder Ridge (NT) and John Galt (WA) projects are also important target areas, with significant high-grade HRE xenotime mineralisation identified at all projects.

Northern Minerals’ exploration strategy is to develop a pathway of HRE prospects that can be developed into mineral resources, adding to the Company’s overall mineral inventory and extending the Browns Range Project resource life.


RE Industry

RE Industry

China accounts for more than 90% of world RE production, and more than 99% of HRE production. There has been a strong focus on identifying and commercialising both non-Chinese and Chinese HRE sources.


Production and demand of HRE continue to increase with estimates suggesting an increase of up to 240% between 2010 and 2020.


Northern Minerals has already secured an initial significant off-take agreement and anticipates further opportunities following the completion of the feasibility study.


Active engagement

We actively engage with all communities in which our projects are located. By working together we gain a better understanding of the expectations, challenges and opportunities that are created in these communities through the development of our projects.

BACKGROUND IMAGE: Cultural Awareness Training – Smoking Ceremony


For all enquires relating to shareholdings, please contact our registrar:

Share Registry

Security Transfer Registrars Pty Ltd
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For all other enquires please contact Northern Minerals Limited:

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