Existing ancillary infrastructure will be utilised where possible to reduce costs, and any new infrastructure significantly downsized, from the DFS, to support the reduced operational requirements of the pilot plant in stage one.

During stage three this infrastructure will either be expanded and/or replaced to support the requirements of full scale operations.

Both the pilot and full scale processing plants will be located on site.


Stage one: test

A small purpose designed and built above ground tailings storage facility (TSF) and evaporation pond will be constructed to manage the combined tailings streams from the pilot plant.

The existing diesel generators will be utilised for the accommodation camp, however capacity will be increased to provide power for the process plant. Water will be sourced from the proven Gardiner Sandstone aquifer. The existing 20 person accommodation camp will be expanded to 40 person to support a rostered fly in, and fly out workforce.

The existing road network will be used to transport supplies and final product to and from Wyndham, and/or Darwin ports.

Stage three: build full scale

The existing downsized TSF and evaporation pond will be expanded to manage the combined trailing streams from the full scale beneficiation and hydrometallurgical plant. An onsite purpose built diesel power station will be constructed to supply power and additional water infrastructure will be installed to support an increase in water requirements.

A new accommodation village, offices and airstrip will be constructed at the Project site to support the expanded operation.

Road access will be continue to be via the Great Northern Highway to Halls Creek, then the Duncan road west to Ringer Soak via the Gordon Downs road. Access to the Project from here will be via a private access road, which will be further developed and maintained by Northern Minerals to support the increase in traffic during full scale production. To further reduce heavy and light vehicle interaction, and minimise disruption to the community, a deviation will be constructed around Ringer Soak during this stage.

The mixed RE carbonate product will be packaged in bags in 20t shipping containers and transported by road to the Port of Wyndham for export. Both product and supplies with be exported and imported from the Port of Wyndham.