Boulder Ridge

LGE-HEX-PIC-Future Prospects-Boulder Ridge

Boulder Ridge is located on a 100% NTU owned tenement (EL29594) in the Tanami region of the Northern Territory, about 100km south east of the Browns Range Project. It is part of a tenement package which includes most of the eastern section of the Browns Range Dome, and extends southward toward the Tanami Gold mine. The tenements are contiguous with the Browns Range HRE project tenements.

Historical exploration activity at Boulder Ridge from the 1970s and 1980s has identified high grades of total rare earth oxides (TREO) from rock chip samples. The samples indicate xenotime mineralisation within quartz veins hosted by silicified and brecciated sandstone.


Northern Minerals’ first pass reconnaissance geological mapping and rock chip sampling was completed at Boulder Ridge in September 2013. Target areas for on-ground follow-up were identified from a review of historical exploration data, plus an interpretation of the area based on airborne geophysical survey data. The rock chip sampling program was not systematic over the area, but was selective in nature, in order to obtain an indication of mineralisation.

The results of the rock chip sampling included some outstanding, high-grade assay results of greater than 12% TREO. They also featured a dominance of heavy rare earths (HREs), with up to 99% of the Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) being high value HRE. Of the 19 samples collected from the prospect, 17 had a TREO grade above 1% including up to 1.15% dysprosium oxide, with xenotime mineralisation observed in several places. Soil sampling, further rock  chip sampling and portable XRF surveys have subsequently been completed, which have confirmed the high-grade nature of the HRE mineralisation. In addition a high-resolution airborne magnetics and radiometrics survey has been completed which has highlighted further targets for on-ground follow-up.

The results to date reinforce the significant exploration potential of the Browns Range and Tanami regions which remain largely untested for xenotime-hosted HRE mineralisation. Further work will be focused on drill testing the initial targets at Boulder Ridge as well as continuing to define further new drill targets.


Competent persons statement

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