Timeline Stories

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  1. 2010

    Placement Shift in Focus NTU Shifts Focus To HRE John Galt Acquisition Rock Chip Samples Bench-Scale NAGROM Beneficiation Results

  2. 2012

    Bench-Scale NAGROM / ANSTO Hydro-Metallurgy Results Maiden JORC Resource Released Maiden JORC Resource

  3. 2013

    Discovery of Boulder Ridge Upgraded JORC Resource $26 Million Capital Raised

  4. 2014

    80t Bulk Sample Processed Maiden JORC Ore Reserve EPA Approval Granted Mining Licence Granted Native Title Agreement Pre-Feasibility Study Finished JORC Resource Doubled

  5. 2016

    Divestment of Non-Core HRE Assets Commitment to the New Three Stage Business Plan Pilot Plant Project Approved For Browns Range

  6. 2017

    $38 Million R&D Financing Facility Executed $14 Million Lind Facility Executed Fabrication 98% Completed in China Mining Campaign Completed Final Investment Decision (Pilot Plant) Offtake Agreement Signed With JFMAG $42 Million Capital Raised

  7. 2018

    First Heavy Rare Earth Shipment Begun New Business Plan First RE Carbonate Production Shipped Mechanical Completion Re-Commence Exploration 100% Fabricated and Delivered To Site Pilot Plant Installed and Commissioning Commences Ore Sorting Test Work And Study Completed $11.7 Million SPP Completed

  8. 2019

    Maiden Dazzler JORC Resource ATO Advances $10.8 Million R&D $20 Million Placement $15 Million Placement / Convertible Note $6.9 Million Rights Issue $30 Million Placement Announced Community Collaboration Completed Diamond Drilling Offtake Agreement Announcement Browns Range Access Upgrade